Friday, May 06, 2011

about college loan market

College Loan Market is a highly innovative technology platform which creates school specific student loan auction sites.
Our goals in creating this platform are:
  • To get each student the best possible alternative loan from a cost-of-funds perspective
  • To insure that the greatest possible number of students receive funding
  • To increase the transparency of the lending process by reducing all loans to a single cost-of-funds figure
  • To shift lender competition from underutilized, misleading, or illusory backend benefits to competing on rate, fees, capitalization, and front end discounts and bring about true competition among lenders, based upon price.
  • To assist schools in assuring compliance with the NY OAG Code of Conduct and Federal regulations dealing with lender relationships.
College Loan Market, LLC is a privately held Delaware corporation based in Massachusetts.

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