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 Government must pay attention
soft loans to students increasingly urgent as the government realized the high cost of higher education. Soft loans to prevent candidates who can not go to college or dropped out of college students. In fact, the cost of higher education in Indonesia is increasingly expensive and difficult to reach the poor. - Soedijarto
Chairman of Indonesian Education Association (ISPI) Soedijarto said it was in Jakarta, Wednesday (05/04/2010), respond to two prospective students from the University of Jember, East Java, which already passed the national college entrance country (SNMPTN), but failed to enter college because their money is not sufficient.
Soedijarto say, a commitment to advance the nation through higher education should ideally be supported by providing a budget of at least 1 percent of gross domestic product (GDP). Indonesia is still around 0.23 per cent, while Malaysia is more than 2 percent.
In addition to providing high-quality education, should be guaranteed for all levels of society can enjoy higher education. "In fact, the cost of higher education in Indonesia is increasingly expensive and difficult to reach the poor," he said.
Soedijarto add, to develop software for student loans, as applied in many other countries, could be one solution to help students who have a cost constraint. "Therefore, there should be policies from the government. That could be realized by encouraging state-owned banks to be able to provide soft loans," said Soedijarto.
Able loans
Separately, Hermawan Good Jombang origin and the origin of Banyuwangi Ainun Najib Ahmad finally registered as a student at the University of Jember. They are listed as a freshman after paying all liabilities of the cost to attend academic activities.
Both received a loan from First Vice Rector of the University of Jember, Agus Subekti sympathetic to both.
Najib, the sixth child of seven children of farmworker families whose families receive direct cash assistance (BLT), received at the Faculty of Educational Sciences Teacher Training. The Hermawan, a truck driver in Jombang children, accepted in Fakuttas Economics Department of Management.
"Faculty are very much interested and rivals. That is, if they qualify, it means so smart," said Agus Subekti.
Hermawan will cancel themselves initially enrolled in the University of Jember because it only has the money to Rp 1.2 million, while the tuition fees that must be met to Rp 4.125 million.
Soft loans
Student Loans Indonesia (KMI) actually exist in the New Order era when the education budget has not been allocated 20 percent of the state budget. However, when the reform actually stopped.
A number of foundations and nonprofit organizations now exist that provide soft loans to mahasisava, as did Putera Sampoerna Foundation through the National Student Fund program.
AIR Stephen, Director of Student Rights, said, as a first step, given soft loans for college students on campus under the auspices of Putera Sampoerna Foundation. Student tuition refund after working until 14 years into the future.
Rector of the University of Indonesia Gumilar Rusliwa Somantri said, to help education costs of students who can not afford, there is a policy of granting scholarships. Source of funds from alumni who gathered in endowment funds. a result of corruption increases the cost of education is very expensive

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

U.S. president gives student loans

Barack Obama president of the U.S. passed a law (Act), new education sector, improving the system of loans for tuition fees. Thus, the government facilitate the granting of loans for U.S. students who are financially less able to finance their education.

After signing the Act, Obama addressed the students of Northern Virginia Community College, Virginia, Tuesday, March 30, 2010. Vice President Joe Biden's wife, Jill Biden, is a teacher at the high school, which berlokasidi near the capital Washington DC.
Provisions on loans are included in the study of health-care legislation signed by Obama last week. However, the article related to a loan program of study will require some changes as requested members of the House of Representatives before being legalized by the president.
These new regulations will position the U.S. government as main creditors for student tuition fees and shift the position of the bank, which had previously been an intermediary.
This regulation is capable of reaching the widest range. About half of undergraduates receive federal loans and approximately 8.5 million students will start college with the help of Pell Grant aid program of study.
Under the new law, private banks are not entitled to again be rewarded for their role as intermediaries in providing loans to students of the federal government.
The government will use the savings to boost Pell Grants and make it easier for workers in paying back the tuition fees. In addition, some borrowers will get a lower interest rate and a higher level of approval for a loan.
As quoted VIVAnews, Obama praised the changes that became a road for more lectures could be felt by students and their debt easier to manage after graduation.
Obama used a speech on radio stations and internet over the weekend to disclose profits for this young generation, which is more study loans, the deadline for repayment, and more funds for universities and colleges.
"Reform of federal student loan program will save taxpayers' money up to U.S. $ 68 billion in the next decade," Obama said in his weekly. "And with this endorsement, we allocate the money to achieve the goals I set for America: Pad the end of this decade, we will once again have the highest proportion of high school graduates in the world," he added. When these laws come into force in 2014, the repayment of the funds are limited studies on graduates 10 percent of income.
So the opportunity for students to continue their studies

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need a loan for college student even though your credit score is not good?
credit student loans without images a thing can be very difficult to get a decent loan when your credit no terrific right-Fortunately, there are several ways in where you can get college loans bad credit .. There are many and of course the royal bank would consider giving the student loans with no credit history. In fact, student loans alliance remains willing to assist students and parents pay for college. That means  students and parents can qualify for student loans regardless of credit score alliance, income, assets, or collateral.
Application for student loans for college is not even a portion of which is difficult especially if you apply for student loans online. Portion which is difficult to obtain low-interest student loans. Nobody wants to get out of college and had to pay rents, and note train student loan payments.
Interest rates for student loans alliance significantly lower than the loan personally, resolve credit and home equity loans and even called "alternative loans" or "non-fellowship student loans." Personally Loans are loans that are not credit education promised by the royal alliance. However, a higher credit limit than a fellowship student loans, which may help pay for boarding that are not covered by the loan association or other aid and assistance money your full portfolio. Private loans may be used for education related to the home-including not only tuition, books, room and board, computer, commuting, and even boarding houses Hint:. If you wish to make private loans but has no credit or bad credit, has a co-signer credit may increase the chances of you not only get released for the loan personally, but also get all the numbers you want to borrow, up to a maximum loan.

 expense on student loans regardless of credit loans are usually paid in julat $ 15 to $ 30 per $ 100 borrowed for two weeks Royal Palace, which intends ranged from 390 to 780 peratus peratus when expressed as an annual peratusan stage (April). You can lock in lower interest ratings with the consolidation of your student loans during your grace period (up to three months after graduation) This is definitely a settlement of payday loans a good education .. A family expert with good credit can help you get a loan with favorable rates and terms, despite your bad credit.
Many people have received their student loans online. Talian get a student loan fast and wide. Accelerate student loan application process if you do not have time to implement the institutional kewangan And to make things easier by handling student loans., You may also make payments online. It is also possible for you to consolidate your student loans online.
What usually happens with student loans online is: you carry with Sarekat or organization and they began the process of conducting a credit check in a few days you will receive telephone calls. About the status of students who apply for loans talian. usually a student may receive student loans with bad credit under the circumstances that they make payments immediately after graduation.
so you can continue to lecture with a loan

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consolidate student lending is the perfect solution for people who need help managing their debt. If you have several different loan payments but want to get only one payment a month, you should apply for Federal Consolidation Loan. With loan consolidation, your lender will combine your present loans into one single loan. If you take the decision to consolidate student gets to lend, you will pay interest on a certain rate. The rate is determined by an average of your loans, and averaged into that as much, 125 percent of the closest. If you make direct loan electronic payments, you may get a lower interest rate. As student loan debt is usually no big debt most people have, may be understood to include it in consolidate student lending.
Turning in your reply to Consolidate Student Loan Most people use student loan consolidation as a way to manage debt. Most often, consolidate students will save money to lend. Aware that even consolidate lend reduce monthly payments, it will probably raise the amount of interest. Because of this, a good idea to try to pay than to lend as much as you consolidate student as soon as possible. Do this by trying to increase your monthly payments. Know that there is a certain delay programs that exist. For example, unemployment or economic hardship may cause the consolidate student lend for less.
no more hesitation to borrow

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Singapore was more aggressive with the hunt for brilliant students to a number of schools in Indonesia through its agents who are spread in many cities, like Jakarta, Surabaya, and Medan. In Jakarta, the genius that targeted students, among others who attended the High School 8, SMAN 28, SMAK 1 BPK Sower, Santa Ursula, and Canisius.
In addition to offering lectures at leading universities in Singapore, brilliant students also promised a lucrative facility.
In addition to scholarships, students are also offered a subsidy smart tuition (tuition grant) from the Government of Singapore of 15,000 Singapore dollars (about USD 112.5 million per year) or unsecured bank loan for college tuition. If students take a bank loan, the loan installment is paid after their work.
At least 250-300 a brilliant student from Indonesia every year went to Singapore to study at top universities world class. They studied at the Nanyang Technological University, National University of Singapore, and Singapore Management University.
First Secretary of Information, Social and Cultural Embassy of Indonesia to Singapore GH Mulyana said, of the total Indonesian students and students in Singapore as many as 18 341 people, about 5448 of them are taking S-1, S-2, and S-3 in range of courses.
Scholarships offered
A number of international students an Olympic medalist in the country visited by representatives of claim Nanyang Technological University since 2008. They offer free college entrance tests, education scholarships, and work commitments during the three years in a Singaporean company.
The Government of Indonesia, they had only received notification from the Ministry of Education in early 2009 to transmit data and higher education desired options.
"Just say no entrance test PTN-free facility, but scholarships do not know yet," said one student an Olympic champion of Asia and international levels.
Participants of the International Chemistry Olympiad 2006, Adhi Kurnianto, decided to study in Singapore after a team from the Nanyang Technological University to come and do a presentation at his old school in Jakarta, SMAK 1 BPK Sower.
Wahyu Saputra from SMA Sutomo Medan, who attended the Mathematical Olympiad level of North Sumatra Province, studied chemistry and biomolecular at Nanyang Technological University with a tuition grant.
Pascal Gekko, the computer field gold medalist in Olympic National Science High School, decided to enter the National University of Singapore. He said the universities in Singapore is far more aggressive in offering opportunities for achieving students than public colleges and universities in the country.
Very strict selection
To lecture in Singapore, the three universities are doing very stringent selection. "Our university only accepts the best students," said Director of the Office of Admissions National University of Singapore R Rajaram.
Entering university ranked 30th in world ranking in 2008 the Times Higher Education
receives about 6500 new students each year, with 20 percent of them international students.
New students from Indonesia amounted to 80-100 people per year. According to Rajaram, a student from Indonesia, including the largest population after China and Malaysia.
At Nanyang Technological University, which included ranking 77th in the 2008 Times Higher Education list, every year there are 100-150 new students from Indonesia.
"Selection is usually done in several cities in Indonesia," said Chairman of the Indonesian Students Association at the Nanyang Technological University Santoso Budi Raharjo.
Singapore Management University also received many students from Indonesia. "Prospective new students were selected and interviewed," said Abel Sim, Assistant Director of the Office of Undergraduate Admissions Singapore Management University.
If you pass the selection, according to Rajaram, all prospective foreign students are offered a tuition grant from the Government of Singapore which extent about 15,000 Singapore dollars, or approximately USD 112.5 million per year.
"In return, they are expected to work for a company registered in Singapore or a Singapore company in the world. Demanded not money damages, but the contribution to development in Singapore, "he said.
Remaining cost to be borne around 9000 international students in Singapore dollars, or approximately USD 67.5 million. That is, students do not need to be confused. They can apply for tuition loans or loans to the banks which are also located on campus.
The loan bears no interest during still attending college. After graduation, they are still given six months to find a new job and after that the loan interest is calculated. Loan repayment time can reach 20 years.
"Guarantor it does not need a parent or relative. The important thing to know. It's easy, "said a student from Indonesia who took the scheme of tuition grants and tuition loans.
Singapore Action recruiting brilliant students is not new. Quoting the article "Singapore's Failing Bid for brainpower" that published the Far Eastern Economic Review published in October 2007, Singapore's target to recruit 150 000 foreign students by the year 2015. Ambition is part of the rapid growth of globalization of education.
Tri Turtury Meswary, Assistant Manager of Education Services Eastern Indonesia-International Operations, said the trend continued undergraduate education to Singapore increased by 10-15 percent each year.
High School Guidance Director Sungkowo Mudjiamanu Ministry of National Education, Sunday (19 / 4), said the government was trying to give students an appreciation of brilliant achievement.
Children who excel in the sense of obtaining a gold medal, silver and bronze medals at various Olympic scholarship at the national level and is still sitting in high school are given scholarships to Rp 3.6 million per year starting in 2009. "The figure is already much bigger than previous years which is only Rp 65,000 per month," he said.
Observer and teacher education at the State University of Jakarta, Lodi Paat, said the student can not be blamed when studying and working in Singapore by Singapore Government facilities.
"Which one of the Indonesian government for not providing educational facilities and decent work for them," said Lodi Paat.
Director of the Institute of Education Reform Hutomo Dananjaya Paramadina University, said governments often complain of low resource quality, but rather the children of genius "hijacked" another countryIndonesia can be advanced when

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Dutch social change student loan scheme Muslims

AMSTERDAM According LVSb student union and ISO, will be fewer and fewer young Muslim men who went to study if the grant student loan scheme was changed to the social, as done by the party wants PvdA, D66 and VVD. Islam forbids Muslims to pay interest.
Student council president, Henno van Horsten (ISO) and Jasmijn Koets (LSVb), want to political parties check whether Muslim students will be worst affected by removing student grants. The student leaders said they got the signs from the field, that Muslim students would be affected by severe extra.
Harun Yıldırım, chairman of the multi-cultural student union, Studenten Unie of the Netherlands, confirming that the change in student grants to student loans will affect Muslim social, he said at the news agnesi De Telegraph.
"Even now, Muslim students often choose not to buy a house, but renting. For the college, soon there will be no other choice. Then there will be a danger that Muslim students chose not to continue studying."
According to Yıldırım, many Muslim students who do not have the option to ask for money to his parents. "We all know that immigrant families are often difficult to meet the needs of everyday life."
Of the 630 000 students studying on HBO or university, about 13% of them are non-Western descent.
The history of Islam in the Netherlands began in the early 17th century when the Dutch Republic signed a free trade agreement with Morocco, the first official agreement between a European and non-Christian countries. In the 19th century, the Dutch experience sporadic migration of Muslims from the Dutch East Indies when it became a colony of the Netherlands.
Economic growth starting in 1960 until 1973 the Dutch government push to recruit large numbers of immigrant workers, mainly from Turkey and Morocco, and migration continues with reunufikasi families and asylum seekers from Muslim countries are politically unstable.
Data from 2006 show that the Netherlands holds about 850 000 Muslims, including citizens of Turkey and 280 000 320 000 Morocco. Most of them live in the country's four major cities, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, and Utrecht. They are concentrated in low-income neighborhood with poor quality housing, unemployment and high crime.
Politically speaking, about two-thirds of Turkish and Moroccan ethnic associated mostly with members of his own ethnic group and have a low level of political participation.
In the fourth Balkenende cabinet, Muslims are represented by the secretary of state Nebahat Albayrak, Ahmed Aboutaleb, and at least 10 members of parliament. Marginalization and alienation due to discrimination causes many second generation Muslims who identify themselves more with their religion than their nationality.
There are about 400 Mosques in the Netherlands, with 200 of them are Turkish mosque, Masjid 140 Moroccans, Surinamese and 50 Mosque. Islam has 45 elementary schools and two high schools.
Some Muslim umbrella organizations such as: Agency Contacts for Muslims and Government (CMO) - representing 80% of the Muslim community, Kontal Group Islam (CGI), and Dutch Ahmadiyya Muslim Community What causes it? and consequently