Wednesday, August 18, 2010


 Government must pay attention
soft loans to students increasingly urgent as the government realized the high cost of higher education. Soft loans to prevent candidates who can not go to college or dropped out of college students. In fact, the cost of higher education in Indonesia is increasingly expensive and difficult to reach the poor. - Soedijarto
Chairman of Indonesian Education Association (ISPI) Soedijarto said it was in Jakarta, Wednesday (05/04/2010), respond to two prospective students from the University of Jember, East Java, which already passed the national college entrance country (SNMPTN), but failed to enter college because their money is not sufficient.
Soedijarto say, a commitment to advance the nation through higher education should ideally be supported by providing a budget of at least 1 percent of gross domestic product (GDP). Indonesia is still around 0.23 per cent, while Malaysia is more than 2 percent.
In addition to providing high-quality education, should be guaranteed for all levels of society can enjoy higher education. "In fact, the cost of higher education in Indonesia is increasingly expensive and difficult to reach the poor," he said.
Soedijarto add, to develop software for student loans, as applied in many other countries, could be one solution to help students who have a cost constraint. "Therefore, there should be policies from the government. That could be realized by encouraging state-owned banks to be able to provide soft loans," said Soedijarto.
Able loans
Separately, Hermawan Good Jombang origin and the origin of Banyuwangi Ainun Najib Ahmad finally registered as a student at the University of Jember. They are listed as a freshman after paying all liabilities of the cost to attend academic activities.
Both received a loan from First Vice Rector of the University of Jember, Agus Subekti sympathetic to both.
Najib, the sixth child of seven children of farmworker families whose families receive direct cash assistance (BLT), received at the Faculty of Educational Sciences Teacher Training. The Hermawan, a truck driver in Jombang children, accepted in Fakuttas Economics Department of Management.
"Faculty are very much interested and rivals. That is, if they qualify, it means so smart," said Agus Subekti.
Hermawan will cancel themselves initially enrolled in the University of Jember because it only has the money to Rp 1.2 million, while the tuition fees that must be met to Rp 4.125 million.
Soft loans
Student Loans Indonesia (KMI) actually exist in the New Order era when the education budget has not been allocated 20 percent of the state budget. However, when the reform actually stopped.
A number of foundations and nonprofit organizations now exist that provide soft loans to mahasisava, as did Putera Sampoerna Foundation through the National Student Fund program.
AIR Stephen, Director of Student Rights, said, as a first step, given soft loans for college students on campus under the auspices of Putera Sampoerna Foundation. Student tuition refund after working until 14 years into the future.
Rector of the University of Indonesia Gumilar Rusliwa Somantri said, to help education costs of students who can not afford, there is a policy of granting scholarships. Source of funds from alumni who gathered in endowment funds. a result of corruption increases the cost of education is very expensive

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